6 steps you should take before starting a work-at-home mom blog

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Blogging is tons of fun. I love sharing my personal experiences and unwinding through writing with a cup of coffee in the morning. Deciding to start a blog to make a little extra money can be a great option for work-at-home moms. There are so many different topics out there that people need information for.

But, don’t create a blog on a whim if you’re planning to make money from it. You need to have a plan and be sure that you can keep up with a good content calendar. Plus, you have to ensure that the audience is there for your content before you put money into buying a domain and hosting.

6 steps to starting a work-at-home mom blog

Here are the important steps you should take before launching a blog to fund your stay-at-home working mom life.

1. Do lots of research

Go online and browse what’s already out there related to your topic. Read the blogs in-depth and ask yourself if you can truly do it better. You want to make sure it’s not already a crowded marketplace and if so, make adjustments to create your own niche. 

For example, there are tons of blogs out there about organizing and maximizing space in smaller homes. But what about how to raise a family in a two-bedroom, 700-square foot apartment? That’s a different niche that could differentiate your content from your competitors and help you be very targeted in reaching the right audience. 

2. Create several topic ideas

Before you take the leap, sit down and think about some blog articles you could write. If you can’t come up with a dozen or so article ideas, you might not have enough content for your blog. Ideally, when you start, you should publish at least once a week. Once you have a robust content listing, you can slow your publishing schedule or experiment to see what works best.

But when you start a blog, it should be on something you can keep up with and easily keep the content flowing. You’ll want to create a content calendar too for the first couple of months to make sure you’re consistent starting out. Building an audience starts with outstanding content delivered at the right times for your audience.

3. Decide how to monetize it

You have many options when it comes to monetizing your blog. This might include:

  • Ads (Google, Bing, Media.net, etc.)
  • Partnerships (Where companies pay you to write about certain products or topics related to their business)
  • Affiliate income (You can make money from a variety of businesses as a commission for leading business to them from your blog. Amazon is one of the best known for this but most businesses have an affiliate partner where you can earn income).
  • Ebook sales (This is applicable if you’re extremely knowledgeable about something and can write a book about it. Many of these books that sell are self-help guides for how to get started on something, improve your business, etc.)
  • Courses (If you’re knowledgeable on a topic, you can set up courses to teach others how to do that thing that you’re really good at. Online courses are very popular right now).

4. Choose a name and relevant URL

You need to be unique so choose a name that makes you stand out but also has a URL available. In naming your blog, you might want to think about SEO. Do some research to see how people search for information related to your blog’s topic.

While the URL and name for this blog are exceedingly long, it’s designed to be SEO friendly to help reach moms who are working from home.

5. Pick a hosting service and purchase your domain

Next, you want to pick a hosting service where you can purchase your domain. There are many options out there. Consider too what platform you want your blog to run on as some hosting services are better than others for various blog platforms.

This blog runs on WordPress and is super easy to manage, which is good because I run a busy digital marketing agency. This blog is my fun space so it can’t consume tons of my time.

HostGator offers WordPress hosting designed to increase your website speed and be exceedingly easy to use.

Disclosure: I earn a commission from HostGator if you use my referral link to make a purchase at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support.

HostGator website hosting for work-at-home mom

6. Set up your blog and start developing content

Now you’re ready to launch. Pick an appealing and easy-to-read template on the blogging platform of your choice. Start developing your content and spread the word about it. You can learn more about how to market your blog using our free marketing guide! The guide covers the 6 crucial steps to marketing your business so you can be successful and grow your work-at-home mom life.

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