A day in the life of a work-at-home mom

On the set of LIVING DAYTON with my son

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6:30 wake up, shower, get ready for the day

7:00 pump while grading assignments for the online college class I teach

7:30 client call to discuss company positioning

8:15 wake up the baby to ensure a timely nap, change diaper, dress, etc.

8:30 cook breakfast

9:00 return to grading assignments

9:03 get interrupted because baby has hit his head and needs some snuggles. Pause to be grateful that I’m the one that gets to kiss his boo-boos.

9:10 return to grading

9:20 stop grading after only one assignment because baby needs some loving

9:30 return to grading again

10:00 leave the house for an interview on local TV only to discover there’s not enough gas in the car and I forgot to get my props but I planned for 15 minutes to spare. Stop at one store and discover they don’t have Halloween candy yet, because it’s Sept. 23. Stop at another store and bag the candy. Stop for gas and wave at the little guy in the back seat while he shakes his legs.

10:30 finally hit the road for real, now 5 minutes late.

10:35 look in the backseat and see the little man falling asleep 10 minutes “ahead of schedule”

11:47 arrive two minutes late but no harm, no foul

11:50 feed the little man while in the TV studio waiting room

12:55 finally go on set after chasing the little man around for an hour trying to keep him from touching all the chords in a television studio

1:10 walk out of the studio feeding the little man a little more lunch relieved that he did a great job on screen.

1:15 map out a Starbucks location because Mom packed tons of food for the little man and none for herself.

1:30 arrive at “Starbucks,” which apparently is inside a municipal building. I looked left, looked right and decided there was no way I was going to try to park and haul this little guy inside for a cup of coffee and sandwich.

1:35 look at the clock and ETA and realize I don’t have time for another Starbucks stop and come to terms with eating lunch in an hour and a half.

2:45 arrive home with enough time to put the little man down for a nap before a client call. Take a brief moment to be grateful once again that I get to be the one who puts my little guy down for a nap because I’m a work-at-home mom.

3:00 client call number 2 for the day

3:30 return to that grading I started 8 hours ago.

3:45 little man is awake again. Time for a diaper change, snack time and snuggles

4:15 return to grading again. Finally get it done and send out student announcements for the next week.

4:45 write the copy from the 7:30 call.

5:20 my husband walks through the door and I still have just those final things to wrap up before doing a quick summary of the day and heading to my office for one final client call.

6:00 last client call of the day to discuss some web copy

7:00 dinner, cleanup and some playtime with the little man

8:00 little man goes to bed and I return to writing

9:00 finish writing and finally call it a day. Drink a glass of wine, connect with my husband, watch some brainless TV and relax.

10:00 start my own bedtime routine and read because that’s the only way writers get better 

10:45 lights out and the day ends after a busy say where I just know I didn’t take the time to be grateful for all I had because I’m in the trenches, living it all right now. I’m thankful to be a part of the work at home mom revolution.

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