Advertising and Partnership to Reach Stay-at-home Moms

Reach a group of work-at-home moms working hard to be devoted parents and business owners. The Stay-at-home Working Mom Life reaches a nationwide audience of parents. We offer a variety of advertising and partnership options.

Dedicated Review/Article

For $100, we’ll feature your company in an article. This can either be as a review or as a part of our regular articles with first-person accounts of how it helps stay-at-home working moms. These articles are distributed across Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Display Ads

For $80 a month, we’ll put your company and products front and center with our audience on the homepage or along the right of our articles.

Social Media Posts

Reach an audience of work-at-home parents with three dedicated posts each on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for $50.


Want us to link to your content? Reach out! We’re open to expanding content and including valuable links that help readers understand more about a topic.

We Accept Guest Posts!

We’d love to collaborate with other bloggers for guest articles. There is no compensation for guest posts but you can grow your blog’s awareness through links. Topics must be relevant to stay-at-home working parents, business ownership, money saving tips or parenting tips.

To take advantage of any of these advertising opportunities, email [email protected].