Here’s why I didn’t make a wellness resolution

Work-at-home mom focused on working out and fitness

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In my 2020 list of resolutions, you won’t find any weight loss or fitness goals. Throughout my life, I’ve had periods of outstanding wellness and I’ve had times where I’ve really struggled to care for myself. Nothing has challenged that more than work-at-home motherhood.

But that doesn’t mean I need to do any sort of crash diets or drastic measures. Physical activity has always been a part of my lifestyle and each day I choose to renew that.

If you’re feeling like you failed at your New Year’s resolution of wellness, maybe try some of these simple ideas that blend well with work-at-home mom life. When you’re healthy, you’ll thrive at your business and have the energy to care for your little ones. It’s worth the effort!

Work-at-home mom wellness tips

Make one small change per week and build upon. Chances are it’s hard to find 30 minutes in your work-at-home mom schedule to commit to working out. I get that.

But you need brain breaks throughout the day so here’s how to integrate more activity.

Stand up and walk around every hour

When I worked a corporate job, I was climbing about 30 flights of stairs per day. Now on a regular day, I climb about 12. I’ve been working to resolve that by getting up and doing two flights of stairs every hour.

Some days it’s more feasible than others but standing up and stretching helps calm my mind and makes me rush less in my work. My body feels better at the end of the day too because sitting for too long isn’t good for you.

This tip really only applies to the hours when my son is sleeping. So when I wake up in the morning before him, during nap time and when he goes to bed in the evening. Heaven knows I stop and get up from work plenty of times per hour when he is awake.

Get outside

My son has been super grumpy lately. I think he’s getting more teeth and he really struggled with teething.

The other day he was throwing tantrum after tantrum. I wasn’t getting anything done. I finally bundled us both up and we walked to the store for a couple of things for dinner.

The trip would have taken us 15 minutes by car. It took us about 40 walking but we both felt better afterward. Sacrificing the extra time away during the workday was tough but deep down I know it’s what we both needed and wanted.

Online workouts

Fill used milk jugs as weights, pick up soup cans from inside of your pantry and find other creative ways to invent weightlifting routines.

Personally, I purchased a set of weights to keep at home and I love them! I can change out the weight on each barbell or use just the plates for a lighter weight and higher reps.

These weights for me through pregnancy and postpartum and are now the tool I’m using to rebuild my muscle mass.

I’ve been doing this YouTube workout. The first couple of weeks I couldn’t walk afterward without wincing. I’m not exaggerating. But slowly, I’ve been able to improve and grow in strength by using it twice per week.

I also enjoy Walk Away the Pounds because I’ve memorized the various moves that she does. Leslie Sansone makes it easy so my son can watch his favorite program, or I can watch Netflix and walk in place during these gross winter months in the Midwest.

Find an accountability partner

I have a friend who is much like me in having strong times for wellness and not so strong times. She’s a great accountability partner because she gets it. My friend knows what it’s like to constantly be restarting.

An accountability partner can aid you in staying motivated, talking you through the tough days and maybe even getting in some physical activity with you.

Stop buying junk food

If junk food isn’t in your house, you can’t eat it. Diet is about planning and making the right foods available to you.

I actually love celery. But I know if it isn’t cleaned and chopped into night-sized pieces ready for the workweek, I won’t eat it. I also love apples and so does my son. I hate cutting apples though. So I got an Apple sliced where it takes only seconds to have an instant snack for both of us. You can’t beat that.

Healthy eating starts with healthy grocery shopping. Find the healthy foods you actually enjoy and start buying those.

I don’t buy broccoli because I would never eat it. Oranges are great but apples are faster so that’s what we keep around. I enjoy trail mix as a salty snack more than I do potato chips; no joke.

Do it for your kids

Some days, I lack the motivation as a work-at-home mom to put in all the effort. I wear sweats most days so small weight fluctuations don’t have a huge bearing on my wardrobe.

So why care? Because my son is watching. He will pick up my habits and carry them with him for life. I want those habits to help him live a long prosperous life.

While it might seem like something that work-at-home moms don’t have time for, I can promise that wellness pays in dividends later. You’ll have more energy, feel happier and you’ll enjoy life so much more if you care for yourself.

Start today even though it isn’t Jan. 1. And then when things get tough, start again next week. It’s never too late and I can promise you that you’ll restart many times throughout your life because wellness is a never-ending journey.

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