How WAHMs Can Look Good On Video Conference Calls

How WAHMs Can Look Good On Video Conference Calls

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Working from home seems like the perfect time to work in your pajamas, with a messy bun and food down your shirt from juggling the kids and your laptop. You may not feel like getting dressed up and doing your hair once you’ve gone through a day’s work and finished all your other tasks – you just want to curl up and get cozy. But what happens when work calls? What happens when your colleagues want a video conference call?

You can’t do a video call with your colleagues with your bed hair and your sweatpants, and you still need to look professional. How can look and feel fabulous even through the mountains of work and chaos in your home? Here are a few handy tips to look good quickly!

Keep up your skin regime

If you still want glowing skin, even when you’ve had restless nights and little sleep, keeping up a quick and easy skin regime will help you look healthy and give you smooth, flawless skin for those video calls. Practicing skincare is important to look flawless and elegant on those video calls. Treat yourself to a face mask in the evening, and apply moisturizer to your face, even on those mornings where you feel you have no time, just to give yourself some TLC. Keep up an effective skin routine during the day and the night for youthful-looking skin.

Before video calls, we also recommend blotting your skin, as the camera can be sinful, and it will prevent oily-looking skin on camera. Your colleagues will soon be asking for your secrets!

Look after your body

Looking after your body will also help your skin glow. Things are hectic at home but a healthy diet for you and your loved ones will help improve your skin and your moods. Topping up on your Vitamin C and D with healthy and delicious dishes will help you look amazing on video conference calls, and you’ll learn some new and easy recipes! Drink lots of water throughout the day and steer clear of copious amounts of coffee – you and your skin will feel energized!

Hair masks

Working from home gives you the perfect opportunity to rock a hair mask to give yourself salon-quality hair all whilst ticking off that to-do list. Talk about multi-tasking! Opt for a ready-made one, or try out quick, homemade recipes and leave to rest while knuckling down to work. A particular favorite of ours is mixing avocado to coconut oil and leaving on your hair for 15 to 20 minutes for luscious locks!

Hair oils

Using hair oils can also soothe your hair and give it more moisture. We constantly struggle with dry hair, so give it a new lease of life with such hydrating treatments. They can also limit hair breakage, and they add shine. People will be wondering how you’ve managed to find time to hit the salon – truth is, you haven’t! But that’s not for them to know!

Simple hairstyles

The key to looking classy on video calls is simplicity. You will look super professional all while making minimum effort – because who has time for battling with a curling wand? Instead, opt for simple hairstyles that will compliment your look. A sophisticated ponytail with a slight curl to it looks chic, elegant and frames your features perfectly. A lower ponytail looks more put together and feminine.

Minimal makeup

There’s no need to wrestle with your eyeshadow palette for a video call – instead opt for minimal makeup. It will help you get healthier skin, and will show off your natural beauty. Apply the basics – primer, foundation or tinted moisturizer, concealer if needed, mascara, and if necessary, fill in your eyebrows.

Use tinted lip balm to make your lips look healthy and avoid that chapped look that can be quickly noticed on camera! You don’t need contouring, or highlighting, just show off a more natural approach and you will love this more minimal side to your look! You’ll save heaps of time and you won’t use up all your favorite products – win!

Capsule wardrobe

Though you can only see the top part of you during video calls, the last thing you want to do is get up and have the people on the other end of the call see you’ve paired a pretty top with sweatpants. Create a capsule wardrobe for work – for when you are video-calling or back in the office. Choose timeless, chic blouses and jumpers, that are comfortable to wear but still help you look put together. If comfort is what you’re looking for, swap jeans for cigarette trousers or paper-bag trousers for a looser fit. Who said chic was high-maintenance?

Take into account your backdrop when choosing your outfits, you don’t want to fade into the background. If you have an off-white wall, opt for neutral tones but steer clear of white. Steer clear of bold and crazy patterns. Always opt for simple, neutral tones and timeless prints such as subtle floral prints for a professional approach.

Choosing your backdrop

As well as remembering to take care of yourself, choose a light backdrop that will make you look professional and will help make you stand out. No one wants to see your kitchen dishes piling up, or your bed, so get into a spot with a simple and clear backdrop. Switching on the camera a few minutes before the call just to see what your colleagues will see is the perfect way to avoid showing anything inappropriate or unprofessional. Make sure you are facing the light and not blocking it – otherwise it is quite distracting for the others in the call.

Tweaking your posture

Another reason to test the webcam out before the call is to take a glance at your posture, to make sure you are in a flattering position and showing off your best angle. It takes 5 minutes, but you’ll feel more confident during the call if you’re showing your best side. You’ll look like you mean business, even when you’re feeling like the work is piling up!

Author: Amra Markic

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