I have days where I don’t love stay-at-home mom jobs – but it doesn’t mean I should quit

I have days where I don’t love stay-at-home mom jobs

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Sometimes I pause and realize that this blog glorifies stay-at-home mom jobs and I realize it’s time for another honest post. It isn’t always easy. I don’t always love it. And sometimes I look at job boards and wonder if it’s time to go back to traditional 9-5 work.

But I don’t give up on those days. When times are at their hardest or worst are not the times to make a drastic decision. There are other options available before taking such a huge leap back into corporate life.

Instead, I wait until I’m grounded again. Some sleep, exercise and a strong cup of coffee might help. The challenges of stay-at-home working motherhood are real and might include:

  • Guilt over working instead of playing more with your child
  • Balancing your child’s screen time with your need to get things done
  • Total exhaustion because stay-at-home moms wear many hats and then you have to factor in working on top of that
  • Raising children is no joke and no matter what you do, there will be days you question why you do it and how much longer you can hang in there
  • Children change from day to day so what works today might stop working tomorrow and you’ll find yourself making constant adjustments in work-at-home mom life
  • Business ownership or female entrepreneurship is hard even without children

Solidarity for all struggling stay-at-home mom jobs

Our largest struggle right now is that my 21-month old is working to cut four teeth, two of which are molars. (See the blog post titled Work-at-home mom schedule during teething for more tips on teething and working). My son cries so much I want to just run away for a few days to escape it. But I can’t because he needs me and I’m his comfort during this difficult time.

I wish I had all the answers for moms struggling with work-at-home motherhood but I don’t. All I have for you is solidarity and some tips that have been easing the struggle for us lately. I’m taking on fewer projects while we get through this struggle and waiting for the storm to pass. Snuggles, distractions and time outside seem to be our best friend and the knowledge that this too shall pass.

Perhaps one of the best motherhood quotes or statements I’ve ever seen is to remember that everything in motherhood is temporary. One day your child will be potty trained, feed and dress themselves, and need you a whole lot less. No, that day isn’t today or tomorrow, but as parents, we can’t fall into the trap of thinking that phases last forever.

My hope is that this blog helps you know you are not alone. Personally, I don’t know other work-at-home moms and sometimes that leads me to feel like my struggles aren’t valid or as if I’m on my own island over here. And that’s the purpose of this blog is to offer community and solidarity for other work-at-home parents who wonder if they’re all alone in these challenges.

So I’m pausing from sharing tips and making work-at-home motherhood sound grand to tell you I’m just like you and we’re all in this together. Don’t give up on your hardest days and don’t fall into the trap of believing that this phase will last forever.

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