It was one of those days but I won’t let it break me

Being a work-at-home mom can be chaotic but here's how to deal with it

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You know those days that leave you wondering why you work so hard as a work-at-home mom? Yeah, today was one of those for me. I felt like a spinning top and like I wasn’t doing a good job at anything.

I had mounds of laundry to run and to fold (I guess there was some procrastination involved in that one). I had preparations to make to go out of town as the assistant race director for a running race company.

And my toddler just wasn’t having it.

I printed 100 sheets of paper that needed to be stapled together into 10 different groups and realized the printer tray wasn’t attached because my toddler likes to pull on it. So instead, I had a mess of 100 pieces of paper all over the basement floor that I had to sort adding to my busy to-do list.

I spent longer than I should have to quote a potential new client. It was time I should’ve spent folding the laundry and packing.

And at my feet screaming to be held the whole time was that precious little face. That little face that I go through all this chaos for.

But there simply wasn’t enough time. So instead of sitting down to play, I kept spinning and praying for the days when it gets easier.

When does it get easier as a stay-at-home working mom?

I wish I could answer this one. So far, I’m 4 months into being a stay-at-home working mom and it isn’t easier as far as the to-do list.

But some aspects are easier, and writing those down is helping me feel accomplished. So if you’re still reading this so far and you have a pen and paper handy or can open the Notes app on your phone, make your own list. Here’s what’s easier for me so far.

  • Work-at-home mom schedule: it certainly isn’t perfect, but we’re getting into a routine that works for us. We get out of the house faithfully three days a week and I’m still searching for the right flexible activities for the other two days. It’s funny how much I want to commit to things but can’t really with a 15-month-old who demands my attention regularly.
  • Finances: I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom long before I took the leap but the finances scared me. Being self-employed means accepting that my income will fluctuate from month to month. And early on, it meant sometimes I didn’t make enough. Now, I do all my budgeting quarterly and those numbers are much more stable. I couldn’t even tell you what I made in a single month, but I could easily say how much I made in the fourth quarter of 2019. I’m thankful that is not an area of stress for me anymore.
  • Parenting: being a first-time mom is hard. I never know if I’m actually doing it right. But it’s funny how now many months into parenting, I feel more confident in my skills. I still can’t reason with my son because he’s too young. Even though there aren’t any clear lines of communication, I feel good about the job that I’m doing.

Finding a work-at-home mom community

I think one of the things that makes me feel saner is the knowledge that I’m not alone. My feelings are justified. No one else knows the struggles of the work-at-home mom like a work-at-home mom does. Lean on your resources and take a deep breath.

It’s quiet now and that crazy day has ended. I can relax, take a deep breath and know that there’s always tomorrow. There’s no such thing as perfection as a stay-at-home working mom, but heaven knows there’s tons of effort.

Hang in there, momma. You’re doing a great job! (I just said that to myself too because we all need to hear it!)

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