Misfits Market food subscription service review: delicious organic produce

Misfits Market review for work-at-home moms

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Misfits Market offers produce delivered to your door that might otherwise get thrown out. It might be shaped funny, be too small or the farmer might have an overabundant crop. The service offers a way to discover new organic fruits and vegetables at a reasonable cost with superb convenience. (See the recent blog post The work-at-home mom time-saving tactic I wasn’t expecting.)

If you find yourself making your grocery list each week and wondering what to make, Misfits Market can fill in those gaps and make you more creative in what you cook and eat. Plus, it might help you eat a healthier diet.

My family recently tried a Misfits Market subscription. We had it delivered on Fridays, which was a day before grocery day. That way, we could structure our weekly menu around what came in the box. We knew what other ingredients to buy and had time to research recipes for items inside the box. 

As a busy work-at-home mom, this subscription box was good for me in more ways than one. Here’s a look at my family’s experience with Misfits Market.

Misfits Market food subscription service review

Recently, Misfits Market started advertising with billboards in our area. We did some research to learn more. Some of the reviews that we saw made it sound like we would receive old, overripe produce that we wouldn’t be able to eat. That was not true. The produce we received was in good shape and still had some time left in the ripening process.

Here’s what we loved about the Misfits Market subscription box:

  • We tried fruits and vegetables we wouldn’t have otherwise. In fact, sometimes when we opened the box, we had to Google what the produce was (don’t judge!). Other times we knew what it was but had never tried a dish that incorporated the produce. We found some new favorite dishes that use vegetables instead of rice or other high-carb, low-nutrient foods that we just felt better eating.
  • Organic produce is simply better. Green beans were a feature of the first box Misfits Market sent. I’ve never tasted such good green beans and we didn’t even put anything on them. Just plain green beans were like a specialty item one night and we could feel good about that.
  • I love the concept that produce is no longer going to waste. The idea of produce getting thrown out just because it’s a surplus item or has a small flaw seems downright silly. And honestly, Misfits Marketmakes it so simple to enjoy these produce items.

And now for some of the things we struggled with in using Misfits Market:

  • There’s no way to opt-out of a fruit or vegetable you don’t like. We got some onions, which is by far my least favorite vegetable. But they didn’t go to waste. My husband took them to work and offered them to a coworker who gladly took them.
  • It’s a lot of produce at once, that fills your fridge up. Not that this is entirely a bad thing, but some weeks our fridge was bursting at the brim with food (yes, I guess we’re blessed). We had to be creative in eating some of the larger items first to free up some space for leftover containers and such. 
  • More produce means more vigilance in making sure it doesn’t go bad. This is really more of a personal problem because I’m bad at monitoring the fruit bowl to see if something has ripened or not. I get into a habit of eating the same things every day and can forget about produce until it’s mushy and gross. It was certainly good to create some new habits of turning to fruits and veggies for snacks.

We also tried the Misfits Market shelf-stable offering called The Marketplace. Before each delivery, The Marketplace sends out an email allowing you to add shelf-stable items to your box based on what’s available at that time. You’re under no obligation to add items and can pick and choose when you do.

We got a few of the items and they were fantastic! It opened the door to even more creativity in our food preparations for several weeks. The email contains prices for each item to help you make the decision. 

The verdict for work-at-home moms

Misfits Market offers organic produce at a competitive price. And they do all the work for you. Plus, you can get out of the rut of eating the same things over and over again for dinner to open the door to new favorites and options. 

Additionally, you can choose how often you want to get a box. Get it weekly to ensure you have snacks and sides regularly or opt for biweekly so that you’re never overrun with produce. You could also get a box once a month to just increase your creativity and the fruits and veggies that your children try.

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