Mom tips: What to do with your newfound time

Mom tips: What to do with your newfound time

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I hadn’t anticipated having such a slow spring. Not only are events canceled across the country, but so was my vacation to Florida that I had worked really hard to prepare for. And business is slowing down for me because businesses aren’t doing as much marketing right now, which makes sense.

We’ll be fine, I keep reminding myself. Financially, I prepared for lulls in work. It’s not to say that I’m happy about the lull or that I wouldn’t prefer to be busier. All I’m saying is, we’ll weather this storm and I know some work-at-home moms and those who are self-employed are not feeling as comfortable and confident. Hang in there and let’s all try to do our part to end this thing as quickly as possible!

But in the meantime, how do you fill all that extra time on your hands? I have some ideas and ways I’m choosing to fill this time. And I’m trying to look at it in a positive sense as a chance to take a step back, enjoy my family and a little more time for self-care.

Take a class or sit in on a webinar

My HubSpot Inbound Marketing certification will expire in September. A part of me thought I wouldn’t renew it, but now I’m looking at it and saying, why not! It adds credibility to my business and I have plenty of time to take the 4-hour course again and the 1-hour certification exam. 

Many companies are also still offering webinars. I have a webinar recording that’s been sitting in my inbox waiting for me to watch it for a great deal of time. It’s all about Pinterest, which is not one of my strong suits per se.

On LinkedIn, you can take courses through Lynda and improve your skills. Or look for certifications in your industry that will help you grow your business once things start to pick back up.

Commit to a new fitness routine at home

Since the start of 2020, I’ve been working on improving myself (read my blog post: Here’s why I didn’t make a wellness resolution). Yes, all the gyms near me are closed right now, but as a stay-at-home mom, I wasn’t using them anyway. My gym is in my home so why not focus on me and get into shape while I have the time.

Creating a habit now means you can integrate your fitness routine into your daily life once things pick back up. Set your priorities now and you could make good habits that last well after social distancing ends.

Spend quality family time

Social distancing and canceled events come at the tail-end of a month-long house project for my family. We had spent just about every waking moment working on updating the trim and doors in our home. And because of that, we had little time together, other than when a paintbrush was in our hands. It’s not quite the same as normal quality family time.

So now family time seems like an extra special gift. And we aren’t finding one another coming and going because there’s nowhere to go. We run as a family before dinner, spend a little bit more time just chatting at the dinner table, play games and goof around with our toddler.

Of course, we’re also watching a bit more Netflix but we’re doing all we can to be entertained with one another instead of turning on the TV too much.

Read a book

I love reading and yet, I don’t do enough of it. All the libraries in Ohio are closed, but you can still get digital downloads. If I had been on a beach in Florida right now like I had planned, I’d be enjoying the new Kindle that has no screen glare that my husband bought me for Christmas. 

Instead, I’m bundled up watching my son outside in the backyard, but I’m still enjoying no sun glare! I’m taking this time to fall in love with reading again. To be honest, I’m not reading self-help books or leadership books to grow my business. I’m entertaining myself with suspense and mystery novels because those are my favorite.

Try to enjoy finding time for new hobbies or hobbies you haven’t had time for in a great deal of time. I’ve been home with my son for a little more than seven months at this point and it’s been a busy time. While I miss some of my normal marketing activities, I’m also really enjoying the added family and hobby time.

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