Review of Little Fun Club: we discovered fun new books

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Reading with my son is something I make a priority each day before putting him down for his nap. (See my recent blog post Creating a work-at-home mom schedule and leaving room to read.) But I’m pretty sure I have one of the most active toddlers out there. We can’t read anything but board books because he has to turn the page. And there’s no way he can sit for more than about a dozen words on the page.

Finding books that delight him and hold his interest is hard. He needs flaps, touch and feels and lots of theatrics when we read. And because of all that, it’s tough to find books that resonate with him.

I only know the titles of the books my mom read us as children. She was a primary school teacher before becoming a mom and so she was really good at keeping up to date with the classics. But many classics are not board books so I struggle to know what to read to my son to hold his interest.

So instead of wandering around the bookstore aimlessly, unsure of what to get, we tried Little Fun Club, a children’s book subscription service aimed at helping children find adventure in books. Here’s what our experience was like.

Review of Little Fun Club children’s book subscription service

Little Fun Club offers a variety of subscription options. You can sign up to receive two or three books a month or even just a curated list of books that you can purchase elsewhere. The curation service is only $5 a month and is tailored to your child’s age and gender, which is optional.

I shared that my son loved board books and lots of interaction. They sent me three books that I was not familiar with previously. These are the three books we got and what my son thought of them.

  • In My Forest: This book has a finger puppet deer with cutouts on each page so you can enjoy the puppet and bring the story to life. My son absolutely loves this book. And, there are only about 6-10 words per page, so it moves quickly, which he appreciates. The finger puppet is adorable, and the story is sweet.
  • The Little Prince: While this story seems overly simplistic to me, it has tabs along the side of the book that make it extra fun to flip through. My son enjoys turning the pages of this book, which helps him sit still and enjoy it.
  • Steam Train Dream Train: This book is probably his least favorite of the three, but I think he will grow into it. It’s a beautiful story with lots of train noises and animals. For now, it has a few too many words per page for him, but there’s an easy solution to that. I just abbreviate each page while still getting the story across. He’s none the wiser and we’re well-practiced at doing this with other books.

Honestly, there’s nothing not to like about Little Fun Club. The package delivery is on-point with the adventure theme and they make it really fun and special. As my son gets older, I could see him looking forward to opening the package each month and looking forward to its arrival.

The only risk involved is that you might get a book you already own. However, you can always set that book aside for baby showers or gifts to loved ones with children. I’ve found there’s no shortage of parents looking for great books for their children.

Little Fun Club is a great service if you’re looking to discover new books to read with your child (especially if you find yourself bored and tired of the books you read on repeat). Give it as a gift for birthdays, new babies or the holidays. Or enjoy the subscription service as a fun way to connect with your little one.

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