Stay-at-home mom side income: best way to earn Swagbucks with minimal effort

Stay-at-home mom side income ideas-best way to earn Swagbucks with minimal effort

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In my previous post about tools to be a work-at-home mom, I talked about Swagbucks. I’ve gotten some questions about how to effectively make money using the platform without spending tons of time. 

To aid you in maximizing the platform without losing precious time, here’s a guide for how I make $25 a month without much effort.

Best way to earn Swagbucks

Swagbucks are great, but if you’re spending tons of time on it instead of getting work done, it isn’t worth it. Here are my tips for the best way to earn Swagbucks.

Sponsored Videos

In my experience, Sponsored Videos under the Watch section are the way to make the most money in the least amount of time. However, these do generally require your attention every 30 seconds or so. I like to use these activities in the morning while I’m catching up on email, invoicing at the end of the month or watching TV in the evenings.

The fastest and best option under the Sponsored Videos section is the one labeled “Earn 2 SB.” These are 30-second ads that if you make one click, you get 2 SB every 30 seconds. That means that in an hour, you can earn 240 SB if you do it right. That’s $2.40 complete other daily tasks or watch television.

Auto-playing from the Watch page

This is my favorite no-maintenance activity. It doesn’t always autoplay though so some days it’s good and others it’s not so great. At first, it will open the Watch Media Player with a website in a new tab. But then when that activity completes, it opens a different window with thumbs up or down and that will autoplay over and over again. On good days, this activity can earn you around 100 SB. 

Mobile activities

The Swagbucks Mobile App also has auto-playing activities that require absolutely no input. From the Video tab at the bottom of the app, you want to use the top activity as that is the most lucrative. After several videos, you’ll earn 1-2 SB. At times, Swagbucks also runs promotions where you can earn double SB on these activities. 

Your phone will still receive calls and text messages while these activities are playing. You can turn the sound all the way down so you don’t hear anything from the videos, but turn your phone to vibrate. That way I can still get calls from my clients while earning. These videos take no work or attention at all.

Surveys that are emailed or starred

I’ve found that surveys are pretty time-consuming. And not only that but you can invest five minutes or so and then be disqualified, which I find super annoying because it means you don’t earn anything for the time you’ve invested.

The only time I take surveys is if I have time to kill somewhere or I get an email that says I’m prequalified for a survey. These surveys tend to have a higher success rate for me. Within your surveys dashboard, some surveys have a star next to them. Just like the ones that Swagbucks emails you, these are surveys that you are prequalified for. I find these to be more successful as well. 

Cashback for online purchases

I love online shopping. It’s so much more work to take a toddler shopping than it is to go alone. I tend to buy things online and return in-store when they don’t work out. If you buy things online, use Swagbucks to get cashback. 

All you have to do is use the search bar and look for the retailer you want to purchase from. Then click from the results page, click on the retailer and make your purchase. I find that the Swag button for your browser is especially effective in guaranteeing that you activated the cashback.  

Redeem your Swagbucks for $25 every month

Each month, Swagbucks offers you a special offer of a $25 gift card for 2,200 SB. Generally, $25 gift cards are 2,500 SB. So don’t hold onto your Swagbucks and wait for them to accumulate. Instead, redeem for $25 to the retailer of your choice every month to maximize your SB value.

Download coupons

From Shop, you can download 50 grocery coupons per day to earn 50 SB. It takes just a couple of minutes. While it says to print them, you can print to a PDF and still earn without using printer paper and ink each day.

Sign up for Swagbucks today to start earning tax-free income you can use for everyday essentials.

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