The mom guilt is so real: dealing with giving work attention over my son

Dealing with work-at-home mom guilt

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We put laminate floors in our entire first floor last fall. Most days, this is where I work, and my son plays. We also go to the basement for part of the time or work from other remote locations. 

At 14 months old, my son had one speed and it was very fast. He’d been walking for two months at this point but he was still not super sure footed. The laminate floors started causing some real struggles for him. 

In one day, we had three bloody accidents. It started in the morning when he fell while drinking his bottle. He hit face first on the bottle and it gave him a black eye. 

Let the mommy guilt begin.

Maybe if I had been snuggling him like other moms do this wouldn’t have happened. Then I remember my son doesn’t sit still for more than 30 seconds unless he has a plate of food in front of him. 

We continued about our day after the tearful start to it. Then while my husband was making dinner, I was relaxing playing a game on my phone after a long day. My son fell face first again just not paying attention to where he was going. This time it was a bloody lip and chin. 

The mom guilt grew. 

Stupid game. Moms should know better than to relax. I should be holding his hand walking alongside him throughout the house, I told myself. But then I remember there’s no walking alongside my son. He just runs faster because he thinks it’s some sort of game and good luck holding that little independent’s hand. 

Then, he’s all ready for bedtime snuggles in his PJs. And he falls one last time. This time next to me. He bites his upper lip and the blood starts flowing like crazy. 

Let the mom guilt burry me in my misery. 

After all, I was right there. How is it possible that I couldn’t grab him in time before he fell?

Work-at-home moms have to be all things at all times. Or do they?

I love being a stay-at-home working mom but it’s so hard to be all things to my little guy. Mom guilt is real but then spend several hours per day working while caring for your child and the mom guilt can become suffocating. 

At the end of this really tough day I had to remind myself that I’m not some sort of superhero. I can’t see the future. I would have prevented the black eye, scraped chin and bloody lip if I could have. But this really tough day was just one of those days we all have at some point. 

On your hardest days, hang in there. Good things are coming. Your biggest sale, largest client and greatest accomplishment is right around the corner. Don’t give up on the hardest days. 

And if no one has told you recently, you’re doing a great job being a mom. It’s incredibly hard work and somehow you find a way to work on top of that so here’s to you. Let’s build each other up in any way we can because moms are pretty awesome. 

Bye, bye mommy guilt. You have no place in this household.

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