The unexpected Christmas present that work-at-home moms will love

Work-at-home mom productivity thanks to robotic vacuum

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My parents bought us a Christmas present I never even thought of buying but honestly, it’s been life-changing as a work-at-home mom. Two months ago, we embarked on putting laminate cherry floors in the main floor of our house. (See Tips for work-at-home moms: what to do during home projects). I’ve regretted the decision to have such dark floors because they show every crumb my toddler sprinkles then with.

Basically, they never look clean, even after I sweep or vacuum them. So, when we removed the wrapping paper on a Roomba, I figured it would be an interesting experiment.

I always assumed robot vacuums were outside our price range, so I never even did any research. Plus, our canister vacuum had served us just fine with a house full of carpet.

My dad explained that he had tested out the Roomba himself and was astounded that after he had used his upright vacuum, the Roomba still found more dirt and dust. I at first brushed that off to his Christmas magic and delight st surprising us. Then, we let it loose in the house and quickly discovered he was right.

A modern convenience for work-at-home moms

We first let the Roomba have its fun on the main floor where the new laminate is. I hadn’t seen it look that stunning since the day we installed it. And, Roomba is not paying me to say that. It’s my honest opinion.

I took the robot to the basement and let her loose. She vacuumed away for about a half-hour and then pinged me on my phone that she was searching for home. (I realize I keep saying “she.” We named the Roomba Wanda since she wanders the house.)

Then she went upstairs and midway through she needed us to remove the dust and debris she had found. We didn’t even make it through one full run of the house before she needed unloaded and we only have 1,600 square feet.

Scheduling the Roomba to meet our lifestyle

The somewhat challenging part about the robot is that my toddler can’t be around when she runs. He just wants to pick up Wanda and inspect her closely.

So, we have to be creative with when we won’t be home and allow her to work. The challenging part is, the house has to be tidy and who has time to pick up toys before rushing out the door?

But we’re learning how to integrate Wanda into our busy lifestyle. It’s astounding how much more I enjoy our floors now that they aren’t always dirty.

And iRobot was smart in making a spot clean button. After mealtimes, we can release Wanda near the high chair, and she’ll clean a 3-foot space around it. It’s only been a week, but so far, I highly recommend a Roomba for busy work-at-home moms.

It really does clean better than a traditional vacuum, just like my dad told me in his excitement on Christmas morning. It takes one more thing off my to-do list and allows me to be more productive as a work-at-home mom.

iRobot Roomba E5 Robot Vacuum

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