The wardrobe and uniform for work-at-home moms

The wardrobe and uniform for work-at-home moms

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What you wear can influence your psyche. When you’re striving for business success and growth as a work-at-home mom, you might want to put more thought into your wardrobe.

For some, the simpler the wardrobe, the more they get done (I think I’m that person). Others find that relaxed clothes make them more relaxed meaning lower productivity. The staples in my wardrobe mostly include outfits that I can move in easily to chase my toddler at a moment’s notice. Even my dresses and work clothes are all about speed.

Have you ever taken the time to think about your wardrobe? Here are some fun thoughts on work-at-home mom wardrobes and what that might mean for you.

Work-at-home mom wardrobe and uniform tips

My number one tip for work-at-home mom wardrobes is to lay out your clothes the night before. Personally, when I wake up in the morning, I want my first thoughts to be my to-do list and prioritizing to make sure I get things done that must be done for the day. When I don’t lay out my clothes, I find that my mind wanders more, and I can start the day slightly more stressed than normal.

Likewise, I like to lay out the clothes for my son. The night before, I know well what our activities are for the next day. Whether it’s a park date or an event at church, I pick out an appropriate outfit for both him and I. We then spend work time with better productivity because we don’t spend it thinking through our wardrobe.

My second tip is to have at least one outfit that fits each of the types below. You never know when the needs of your work or business will adapt, requiring more video conferencing, or less. As my son grows, we’re spending more time outside, which means more fitness apparel or outdoor clothes for both of us.

I also found that in my first few months as a work-at-home mom, I didn’t wear my professional clothes nearly enough. I only had one pair of jeans because I never needed for more and suddenly, all that changed.

Finally, my tip for work-at-home mom wardrobes is to buy a season ahead. That’s true for both you and your child. I love shopping clearance racks and sales specials to outfit both me and my son. At the end of the summer, I realized I didn’t have enough pairs of shorts that could crossover from a day at the park with my son to a barbeque with relatives. So I picked up a pair of dress shorts at the end of the summer for next to nothing.

I purchase all of my son’s clothes the season before. Yes, there is some risk in this as I have guessed wrong on a few items. But for the most part, I’ve been able to outfit him for a whole season for about $30.

Video conferencing mom

The video conferencing mom needs to look professional, but also be comfortable sitting for extended periods. A blazer and nice blouse can be perfect for this. Personally, I’ve never felt comfortable wearing sweatpants or pajama bottoms while sporting a blazer. I wear a pair of dress slacks as those tend to be more comfortable for me than jeans for sitting during long stretches.

What if you go live on social media regularly? It’s all up to you as to the brand you want to create for yourself. Whenever I share photos of myself at work, it’s a genuine insight into my son and I. I don’t apply makeup unless we’ve been somewhere that day that warranted it. The products or services you market will also play a role in what you wear when going live for social media or recording videos.

Activities outside the home mom

We have set activities Monday through Wednesday where we get out of the home. On Thursdays and Fridays, those tend to shift and float. But based on the day’s activities, we decide what to wear. One of our weekly activities is Bible study at church. This is the day I use as an excuse to get more use out of those adorable polos and dress pants my son owns and those cute and flowy dresses I own.

Our other weekly activities include library storytime and a playgroup with other moms and toddlers. For these activities, we wear jeans and a moderately casual shirt. It’s once again an excuse to use another type of clothes, though we could certainly show up in our sweats without judgment.

Outdoorsy/fitness mom

When I’m in a rut with working out, I know some of the barriers I can remove to ensure I get my at-home mom workouts done for the day. The number one thing I can do to ensure I actually work out is to take a shower in the evenings or afternoons after working out. When I shower first thing in the morning, I justify not working out.

And, if I don workout clothes for the day, getting out the door to run, walk, rollerblade or chase my toddler around the park goes much faster. That removes yet another barrier or excuse that I make up for not exercising.

Nowhere to go mom

About one day per week we don’t go anywhere. It’s not always planned that way, it just sort of happens. And honestly, these days can be rejuvenating. On the days we don’t go anywhere, I wear sweats in the winter and workout shorts and tanks in the summer. You shouldn’t feel guilty for these lax days because sometimes, you need them.

We play in the backyard, move around from the main floor to the basement to the upstairs to give us the change in scenery we need. And we rest up. We’ll get out another day and fight about sitting in a car seat, eat on-the-go lunches and snacks, and worry more about what we wear.

On these days, you can enjoy some of the items from our work-at-home mom apparel and gifts section. Celebrate your life as a stay-at-home working mom with tees, tanks and mugs. Or add them to your wish list for the next birthday or holiday. Thanks for supporting this blog with your readership and your business!

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  1. From a being a full time mom, then tried to work in the BPO industry, then went back at being a full time mom.. makes me feel insecure and not worthy of doing to contribute financially to my family. But not anymore!

    I’ve decided to have a freelancing job! As the freelancing careers in the article, there’s so many platforms, but using my previous job experience, I’ve decided to become a Virtual Assistant! Great thing cause I’m earning at the comfort of my own home while taking care of my kids.

    Hope this article inspire more full time mom like me to think that we can be presentable and awesome to become productive and confident while being a loving mother!

    More power!

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