The work-at-home mom time-saving tactic I wasn’t expecting

How work-at-home moms can save time

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Time is money. I know, it sounds cliché, but it’s true. I’m all about saving money as a work-at-home mom, but in some cases, saving time is more valuable.

2020 will be my first full year of self-employment. I worked a corporate job until August of 2019 when I resigned and pulled my son from daycare. All that just to say that the budgeting spreadsheet for my business is crucial this year.

As I scoured ways to save time, I realized the grocery shopping, meal planning and meal prep was a huge area of opportunity for us this year. Add in the fact that my husband and I are both trying to eat better and you have the perfect storm for trying some grocery subscription services.

Before you close your browser and say no way, hear me out. We’re testing a Misfits Market subscription and so far, it’s been fantastic (we’re in week 1 of 3).

A service designed for the work-at-home mom revolution

The work-at-home mom revolution is amazing. If you haven’t read my blog post about that yet, do it! Ultimately, moms who work from home with their little ones face additional challenges over the traditional stay-at-home mom (but seriously SAHMs, what you do is amazing and I’m not sure I could do it!).

Getting it all done faces the stay-at-home working mom every day. Saving time is essential. Learn how Misfits Market is helping me do that while also helping me focus on wellness by eating better.

Healthy eating for work-at-home moms

Like most people, including work-at-home moms, I refocused on eating well and taking care of myself in 2020 with small changes. I would hardly call them resolutions because wellness is a journey that we take every day in my opinion. But as a WAHM with tons to do, it’s certainly challenging to make wellness a priority.

As a part of this, I want to eat more fruits and vegetables and feed more fruits and veggies to my son. He surprisingly loves vegetables and will eat any fruit we put in front of him. So really it’s a lack of planning or laziness on my part when days come and go and he has minimal fruit and veggie intake.

Part of the reason I don’t eat as many healthy foods as I should is because they aren’t readily available or appetizing. With the Misfits Market subscription, my fridge is so full of produce, we didn’t have room to buy junk food this week. I’m not exaggerating.

What came in our first box

When FedEx came to my door on Friday, I was stupid excited. After seeing billboards and online ads for Misfits Market for several months, I had so many questions. Just how funny did this produce look? How do they keep produce fresh during shipping? What if I go out of town one week? How long can the box sit on my porch without causing harm to the contents?

As I unboxed everything, I realized just how well-thought-out his process is. There were two layers in the box – one for produce that needs to stay cold for optimal freshness and one that allows the produce to stay room temp.

The only imperfections on the produce were some cut marks on the green peppers and on the radishes. Everything else was just high-quality produce that needed a home, and we were glad to give it one. Here’s a full list of the organic produce we got the first week.


  • 2 grapefruits
  • 2 pears
  • 2 mangos


  • Head of lettuce, which made way more salad than I was expecting
  • Family-sized portion of green beans
  • Cauliflower
  • Zucchini
  • Radishes
  • Turnips
  • 3 good-sized potatoes
  • 2 green peppers
  • 2 red onions

The only thing I’m not sure we’ll use are the red onions. Everything else we used for inspiration for our meals this week and as healthy sides or snacks to go with various chicken dishes.

We also had the opportunity to pick out a few shelf-stable items from a new program Misfits Market is offering called The Marketplace. The Marketplace offers healthy items to stock your pantry and keep you eating healthy.

  • 1 lb bag of roasted pumpkin seeds
  • Bob’s Redmill Multigrain Pancake and Waffle Mix
  • 1 lb Medjool dates

To make things simple, Misfits Market emails their customers each week before their scheduled delivery to inform them of what’s in The Marketplace. Subscribers can then choose whether to add one or more products or skip additions for the week. You’re in full control of the shelf-stable contents of your box.

Yes, we still went to the store this week for additional items. But we saved time on a variety of normal activities thanks to the Misfits Market delivery:

  1. We didn’t have to scour the store ads for produce that’s in season and on sale.
  2. Choosing sides and snacks for the week was simpler because we already had the starting ingredients. Searching from scratch is so much harder.
  3. Temptation from picking the wrong foods was removed for us so we didn’t go down the snack aisle and grocery shopping went faster.
  4. Thanks to already having our produce, we shopped at fewer stores chasing after in-season and good foods.

Recipes stay-at-home working moms will love (hint, they’re super easy and fast!)

One of the great byproducts of the Misfits Market subscription is that it’s forced me outside of my comfort zone a little bit. I’m now researching new recipes that use ingredients from that first box of subscription produce.

Watch the blog for additional recipes, including:

  • Blue cheese cauliflower bake (I’m not a huge cauliflower fan under normal circumstances, but trust me, this is fantastic!)
  • Homemade healthy protein bars with dates as a sweetener (my son loves the Quaker Chewy Granola Bars but they really have no nutritional value. These homemade bars are even more delicious and pack protein, healthy fats, no added sugar and antioxidants)
  • Zucchini pancakes (a fan favorite at our house)
  • Health oatmeal
  • Toddler green smoothie

The great part about these recipes (and all recipes you’ll find on this blog) are that they save work-at-home moms time. You won’t find anything overly complicated or time-consuming when you visit the Stay-at-home Working Mom Life.

Once we complete our three-week trial of Misfits Market, I’ll do a full review of the pros and cons to help work-at-home moms decide if this is right for you. Or, you could try a one-week subscription for $22 to see for yourself and better understand how the subscription service would work for you. You can cancel whenever you want or delay a shipment if your fridge is still full.

Or, if you know a new mom and don’t know what to get her, you could consider a Misfits Market gift subscription. After welcoming a baby, it feels so good to fuel your body with healthy nutrients, especially when breastfeeding.

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