What work-at-home moms can do when struggling with motivation

What to do when a work-at-home mom lacks motivation

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I’m in a work-at-home mom rut. The holidays thoroughly spoiled me. In a week, I read four books, ran without a stroller almost every day during the unseasonably warm weather here in the Midwest, changed very few diapers, did very few naptimes and bedtime routines for my toddler and relaxed way more than I had in the past 15 months since my son was born.

And now here we are back in normal routines and I have no motivation. Is anyone else feeling this way? It’s a new year and there’s so much to look forward to with my business. My to-do list is updated and just waiting for me, but for now, I don’t want to focus on it.

It’s safe to say, I was spoiled by the rest and relaxation my husband gave me for the holidays. I still woke up and did some work each morning before my family woke up, but other than that, the pace of life was so different than it is normally.

I have been using three easy steps to find motivation during this post-holiday time.

Build in time for leisure

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed leisure time. The slower pace of life around the holidays was so nice and my mind actually rested for a few days.

It taught me an important lesson. Everyone needs leisure. I’ve been giving myself 15-30 minutes each night to read before going to sleep. My husband bought me a Kindle Paperwhite so that I can read uninterrupted. To some, it might seem like a waste of money over a full tablet, but a tablet would give me work notifications, text messages and other interruptions I don’t need in my leisure life.

Leisure won’t just happen. You have to build it into your life and make it a priority. Some people call it self care but it’s really just taking time for yourself how ever you can.

Get back into routine (including going to bed on time)

While I did enjoy escaping routine, I thrive on routine. I think my lack of motivation comes from doing so little and having so little routine. The less I do the less it seems I want to do.

To stay motivated, I’m getting back into a routine. One of the keys to that is going to bed at a reasonable time. I was going to bed around 11:30 each night during the holidays but ideally, I need to go to bed closer to 11, if not before.

I’m making sleep a priority. My son and I are also returning to our normal activities as they begin to resume this week. It’s of great importance for finding motivation again now that things are picking back up.

Eat a healthy, balanced diet

Over the last several weeks, I celebrated my birthday with cake and treats. Then, we went into the holidays when there were so many cookies and special treats.

And now it’s time to fuel my body once again. One of the main reasons I believe I am struggling with motivation this week is because I’m low on energy. Diet and eating well is crucial for helping you find energy and motivation to get up and get going.

Do you work-at-home parents have any other tips for dealing with lagging motivation?

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