Work at home mom revolution: why I’m proud to be part of it

Work at home mom revolution

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“It’s an epidemic,” my son’s daycare teacher said when I announced our two weeks’ notice because I would be working exclusively from home. Instead of an epidemic, I see it as a work at home mom revolution.

For too long, moms have had to choose between caring for their little ones in the home and maintaining a career. Not anymore! Technology has allowed us to be more connected and work from anywhere. While that has its pros and cons because then work never turns off, it also helps moms manage motherhood and a career.

I’m proud to be part of the work at home mom revolution and work toward empowering other women to do the same. I believe that this revolution is important because it enables children to have the attachment and love for their parents while the parents are financially stable. Let’s look at this revolution and why it’s happening and how you can get in on it.

Reason behind the work at home mom revolution

One of the major reasons for the work at home mom revolution is that the average salary no longer supports a family. This means that having one income earner is not sustainable for most families.

And so moms and dads are left with a choice to either stay home and go into debt or keep working, send their child to daycare and struggle with the emotions of it all.

The great part of the revolution is that people can now work from anywhere for many jobs. I’ve known many families that evaluate both the mom and dad’s job to decide which has more work-from-home potential.

The beauty of the revolution is that it isn’t just about moms. Dads can find just as much fulfillment in working from home and caring for little ones.

Plus, many companies are finding that their employees are happier, more productive and stay with the company longer if they allow work-from-home. Gone are the days where presence in the office meant productivity.

With such an emphasis on work from home in the working community, it makes it easier for moms to find jobs where they can work from home.

There’s still work to be done for work at home moms

Like any revolution, it isn’t always an easy road for work-at-home moms. While there is a large emphasis on working from home, moms and dads still face struggles when on conference calls and baby makes noise. Or, the employer wants the parent to appear in person for a meeting.

The parent is then faced with a decision to seek outside care for their little one or risk the wrath of their employer for not being at the meeting.

We need to break the stigmas associated with work-at-home parents and find ways to support them. I’ve been in conversations before where work-at-home parents feel ashamed to admit that they work with their children around. Or, people make comments like, “with a computer screen always on, don’t you worry about your child’s screen time.” Or, “I could never sacrifice time with my little one for work.”

Instead, we need to be a community that supports one another, no matter how we choose to financially support our families. Welcome to the work at home mom revolution. How can I support you?

If you’re looking for ways to get started as a work at home mom, visit the jobs and resources page.

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