Work-at-home mom tips: create a menu to save precious time

Work-at-home mom tips for creating a meal schedule to save time.

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One of my favorite time-saving work-at-home mom tips is create a breakfast and lunch menu for you and your little one. Having a menu also means that you can plan for more nutritious meals to nourish both of you with less work and less turmoil.

With a one-year-old who has a big appetite but only four teeth, I felt like every meal was a big question of what to feed him. And then I’d find something he could eat well and forget about it.

You might not think that preparing breakfast and lunch could steal all the much time from your workday. But you’d be surprised how much your productivity increases when you don’t stand at the refrigerator wondering what to eat now. And, it frees up tons of time in your work-at-home mom schedule. Plus, you won’t have to run to the store mid-week because you don’t have foods that work for your busy lifestyle.

Work-at-home mom tips for menu creation

My main work-at-home mom tip for making a menu that works for you is to keep it simple. Make sure that you can pre-make some of the food or that it only takes five minutes to prepare.

When my son is hungry, he’s hungry right this minute. He can’t wait 10-20 minutes while I cook up something fancy. You’ll see my menu below, but here are some of the steps I take to keep it all simple and get more work done during mealtime (see my work-at-home mom schedule for more details).

  • Precut grapes into toddler-safe pieces.
  • Make one dozen scrambled eggs to feed both of us all week long.
  • Blend my smoothie right after his. There is a mild difference between the two. He gets whole milk, I get 1%. He gets berries, I get more spinach. Plus, I also add protein powder to mine to keep me feeling full all day long.

My toddler breakfast and lunch menu

Here’s a look at what my son and I eat each day of the week. I make some mild variations for myself, but try to keep our meals similar for ease of creation and cleanup.


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and a banana

Lunch: Baby smoothie (Greek yogurt, milk or water to thin it, frozen mixed berries, half a banana and a handful of spinach) along with fresh grapes.


Breakfast: Peanut butter toast and a banana

Lunch: Tuna with mayo, string cheese and grapes


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and a banana

Lunch: Baby smoothie (Greek yogurt, milk or water to thin it, frozen mixed berries, half a banana and a handful of spinach) along with fresh grapes.

(I know, it’s a repeat of Monday, but it’s so nutritious!)


Breakfast: Peanut butter toast and a banana

Lunch: Lunchmeat that’s free of nitrates (lots of brands make this now), cheese rice cakes and grapes


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and a banana

Lunch: Cheese quesadilla, grapes and some veggie straws

Snack options

  • String cheese on the days my son hasn’t already had tons of dairy
  • Cut up apple with the skin removed because without molars he struggles with apples
  • Goldfish, perfect for on-the-go snacking and actually fairly healthy if you look at the macro breakdown
  • Chewy granola bars. I’ve found that other granola bars made for kids that claim to be healthy have just as much added sugar. These are affordable and have the same nutrition labels for the most part as other granola bars for kids. Plus, they’re small, which is perfect for my son’s little hands.
  • Cheerios were my son’s favorite food until he was about 9 months old. If you read the label, there is very little added sugar and lots of redeeming qualities to Cheerios.

I’m extremely blessed that my husband handles all dinner planning and preparation. It’s one less thing for me to think about each week and a major time-saver for me to focus on being a work-at-home mom.

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