Yumi child food subscription service review: healthy meals and snacks at the ready

Yumi child subscription food box review

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My toddler has the appetite of an adult but with the feeding schedule of an infant. He never seemed to outgrow the need to eat every two hours or so and seems to have the metabolism of an athlete. With such a big appetite and the need to eat regularly, it’s tough to find healthy snacks and meals that he will willingly enjoy to satiate his big appetite.

I’m on a mission to eat better this year and feed my son nutritious foods that will set him up for a healthy lifestyle. (Check out the blog post What your diet has to do with productivity and your child’s behavior). But with toddlers, healthy eating is difficult. He has a preset idea of what he wants to eat when he goes over to the refrigerator half a dozen times a day.

To help us out, we brought in the experts. I had heard about Yumi and its mission to feed babies and toddlers real food, free of preservatives and sweeteners. I love the concept of starting babies off with healthy options that incorporate common seasonings and organic fruits and vegetables. We were never big on canned baby food for this very reason of not wanting to teach our son that food was just sweetened purees.

But Yumi offers more than just baby food. As your child ages, they have a variety of quinoa, chia and other grain mixes to keep your little one eating well and developing their palette. We tried a Yumi subscription, and here’s what we thought.

Yumi child food subscription service review

Yumi packages their foods in a box with insulation and ice packs because the organic food and snacks don’t have preservatives making them shelf-stable. You’ll need to set aside room in your refrigerator and freezer for the foods, but it’s worth it to know your little one is eating real foods. 

The purees can stay in your fridge for a week or freezer for up to two months. The finger foods stay frozen until you’re ready to enjoy. Then you just pop them in the microwave for a little bit and enjoy.

One of the things that my son loved the most about this service was actually the containers. He’s big into putting lids on things right now so he really enjoyed these containers that fit nicely into his hands. Once the food was gone, we rinsed the containers and added them to his collection of fun things he can put lids on. I’m not sure if Yumi planned that or not, but it is a nice side-perk of the service.

Here are the foods we loved:

  • Mixed berry: With raspberries, blueberries and other berries mixed together, this was by far my son’s favorite (and mine too). It was one of the sweeter options since it was a variety of berries. And it was bright in color making it look interesting and enjoyable to my son.
  • Dragon fruit: The dragon fruit and chia mixture was delicious. My son really enjoyed this one and it was a deep pink color that interested my son and made him reach for it every time we opened the fridge.
  • Finger foods: Honestly, I was jealous of my son’s food. The beet puffs are so delicious and actually good for you. They satisfy your need for a snack without packing in the salt and fats of normal snack foods that come out of a bag. I’m waiting for them to package these for adults to enjoy! The pizza bites were incredible. Made from organic veggies and gluten-free flour without the fats of cheese. But so delicious and they tasted just like pizza but in convenient balls my son could pick up and enjoy without the saucy mess of pizza. We loved all of the finger food options and reading the ingredient labels made me so impressed!

Final thoughts

I think we started the subscription too late in my son’s life for him to enjoy some of the more robust flavors Yumi offers. They’re right that the modern diet teaches children to enjoy sweet or unseasoned foods.

Sadly, some of the mixtures that were only vegetables with no fruits didn’t go over well with my son. Maybe if we had started introducing these foods starting when he was six months old, things would have gone better.

Overall, the Yumi subscription service was enjoyable. I think if we had started it sooner, it would have worked a bit better for my son. But honestly, I was jealous of some of the great foods he got to eat and the incredible, simple ingredient list full of healthy options.

Plus, subscription services have come a long way in the last year or so. With advances in website portals and other improvements, now you’re in control of how often you get your boxes and when. You aren’t obligated to keep the subscription and can cancel whenever you want.

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