Stay at home mom jobs and resources

There are many legitimate stay at home mom jobs where you can set your own hours and work when it is convenient. Here is my list of resources. I love adding to this list, so feel free to email me if you find something that has worked for you and it isn’t on this list.

Be sure to read my post all about tools and resources for how to be a stay at home working mom.

Flexible stay at home mom jobs

  • Upwork: This is one of my primary places to find new work opportunities. The fees are extremely high though (Upwork takes 20% of your earnings until you make $500 with a client. Then they take 10% up to $10,000. It’s hard to find businesses that will work with you that long). That being said, there are many jobs and you can quote the jobs with these high fees in mind. I have found that it is worth it to use this platform.
  • Fiverr: While I have not personally had tons of success with Fiverr, I know people who have. There are many gigs on this platform and you can set your hours and expectations with your clients.
  • VIP Kids: Although I’m not a teacher, I have mom friends who are. They’ve found great success with this platform. It’s a nice supplemental income and the hours are generally hours where you children are sleeping.
  • Thumbtack: Build your profile and follow jobs that interest you in your field. Then, you can choose which jobs to quote and pay a nominal fee for that quoting. If it doesn’t fit your skillset, you can just ignore the job. The one-time quoting fee is nicer than Upwork’s ongoing fees if you work with someone. This seems to be especially good for handy people, house cleaners, etc.
  • TranscribeMe: This is transcription work, which can be tough with a noisy child around. It’s tough to make tons of money from transcription, but if you have good grammar skills and just want a bit of spending money, this is a great option. They take transcribers with no previous experience so long as you can pass a grammar and writing test.
  • The Mom Project: At the Mom Project, you’ll find a variety of job types such as part-time, full-time and temporary contract. You can set up your profile to outline your skills and you’ll get emails about new opportunities based on your interests and the contract type you’re looking for. Some remote opportunities offer a full-time salaried job for work-at-home moms. And you can find jobs of any type that fit your skillset and the work you did prior to becoming a mom.
  • Instacart: Deliver groceries to those in your local community. With an application, you can see when someone nearby places an order and choose to fulfill that order. It’s good if you have someone who can come and play with your kids while you do some grocery shopping or for evenings and weekends.
  • Uber or Lyft: This is another one that’s good for evenings and weekends when someone else can stay with your little ones.

Customer service work-at-home mom jobs

Customer service jobs often require a quiet space where you can take calls. For moms with school-aged children who are gone for most of the day looking for more flexible options, these opportunities might be right for you. In other situations, you might find that customer service jobs are too stressful while trying to multitask as a work-at-home mom and a customer service representative.

Chat-only customer service jobs for working moms

Chat-only customer service jobs are fantastic for moms but because of that, these jobs are highly competitive and fill quickly. You might have to apply repeatedly for consideration. Stay-at-home moms can easily care for their children and participate in chat-only customer service jobs.

Data entry stay-at-home mom jobs

Data entry is difficult and you have to have tons of experience to make it work for you. Consider these jobs carefully and work your way up with smaller, lower paying jobs to earn you place at the full-time, higher paying opportunities.

Legitimate surveys and non-job income

Having some spending money when you’re just making ends meet during a crazy phase of life can be tough. I enjoy using Swagbucks to earn gift cards for spending money. This allowed my husband and I to go to Disney with our son for a family vacation. I saved my Swagbucks all year long to pay for our flights. It runs in the background on my computer while I work and is pretty low maintenance. Generally, it’s about $25 of gift cards per month, which I can use for fun things for the family that we wouldn’t be able to enjoy otherwise.

Steps to starting your own service business

For more on this, see our blog post How I created my own stay-at-home mom jobs using my writing skills.

  • Register your business name with the state. This allows you to do business as your company name and open a business bank account.
  • Started a company website using HostGator.

Disclosure: I earn a commission from HostGator if you use my referral link to make a purchase at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support.

HostGator websites for work-at-home moms
  • Work with an attorney to get formal contracts and agreements to protect yourself to send to potential clients (this one is important and necessary for insurance coverage in many industries)
  • Get business insurance to protect your home and family from business liability. If you have property for your business, make sure that’s covered as well.
  • Open a business bank account. This makes accounting so much easier. Separate your work-at-home mom business finances from your personal finances to make things run smoothly.
  • Polish your professional portfolio website. Personally, I kept this separate from my business website so that I could use it for job applications if I wanted to re-enter the workforce.
  • Spend some time on your LinkedIn profile and optimize it for keywords related to your work. Reframe your thinking and highlight projects on your social profiles that showcase who you are to earn the types of business that you want

Helpful products for work-at-home moms

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post when you buy products from our links at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

  • Avent Natural Bottles: These bottles are great for when you leave your child with a caregiver for a meeting or have to be away from baby.
  • Plantronics Explorer 50: This Bluetooth earpiece is a live-saver for making business calls with a little one in the house.
  • Freemie breast pump: Hands-free pumping makes breastfeeding as a stay-at-home working mom so much easier and saved our breastfeeding journey.
  • Pack ‘n Play: A Pack ‘n Play is helpful for containing your little one in one place while working. This can give you peace of mind. Plus, if you need to travel and still get in naptime, I love my Pack ‘n Play for that.
  • Boba Wrap Baby Carrier: I love baby wearing when your baby is little. It’s a huge aid in getting things done and holding baby hands-free when they’re in the infant phase where they just want to be held constantly. Plus, it’s nice for breastfeeding if that’s how you choose to feed your baby.

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